If you’re a person who very much loving yourself, and would always like to see your own pretty or handsome face all the time even while using computer, the Windows Self Shot! sidebar gadget for Windows Vista will help you to stream video display of your face posture, or rather any other scene or place that the webcam points to Windows Sidebar. So with Windows Self Shot! you can see yourself all the time on PC’s monitor.

Download Windows Self Shot! (VistaCam.gadget) from here (resource no longer available) for Windows Vista Sidebar. Once installed, Windows Self Shot! gadget will stream live feed video from the webcam or camera installed on your computer in a gadget window located in sidebar. You can actually move the streaming video window all over your desktop once installed.

Other than looking into yourself, you can also place your webcam in any corner of your house (as long as you have a long USB cable) for monitoring the corner, such as watching your baby sleeping in the room and etc.