The Windows Updates Downloader is an utility that allows you to download critical updates, service packs, hotfixes, applications and downloads for Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Exchange 2003, Office 2000 Professional or Office 2003 from Microsoft Download Center and Windows Updates, without the need to manually go to Microsoft websites. All process to update Exchange Server, Windows and Office productivity suite is automated.

Windows Updates Downloader (WUD) has been updated to version 2.25.

Download Windows Updates Downloader (WUD): WUD225B886Setup.exe (resource no longer available)

The update lists which tell WUD which updates or hotfixes are available and downloaded, can be found at WUD homepage (dead link).

Update: Windows Update Downloader updated program file and Update Lists (ULs) is available on It’s now compatible up to Windows 8.1, and most likely future Windows versions too.