Microsoft sent an official email to beta testers of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 which titled “Windows Vista SP1 Beta Program Is Complete!”, marking the ending of beta and release candidate testing phase. The email further confirming that Windows Vista SP1 RC Refresh 2 with build version 6001.18000 is the valid RTM version with the same build numbers.

Windows Vista SP1

The email thanks the testers for the work on helping to test Windows Vista SP1, and informs that the Windows Vista SP1 has been released to manufacturing on February 4, 2008, with new PCs based on Windows Vista SP1 coming out soon. Inside the email, there is a paragraph says:

Special thanks to those of you who tested SP1 RC Refresh 2 (6001.18000). That was our very last release candidate and it was, in fact, the very same bits as the final release. (It was a Release Candidate in the truest sense of the word.) Those of you who installed the SP1 RC Refresh 2 will not need to update to the final version-you already have it.

Thus, the Release ‘Candidate’ of Refresh 2 version is the true ‘release’ which goes to RTM. Many users may question or consent about the issue facing Windows Vista SP1 which is regarding some drivers incompatibility issues on small set of devices. Apparently Microsoft decides that it’s not a problem of SP1, and thus won’t changing the code bits of SP1. Instead, it will be solved later with other solutions, probably by on device drivers by manufacturers.