Running low on disk space on Windows Vista system? Windows Vista system accumulates lots of junk items and files during its daily operating especially you frequently browse and surf the Internet. The free disk space on HDD (hard disk drive) will keep decreasing and reducing by each day passed if no cleanup is done. Smaller free space and existence of unused and useless files will likely make system runs slower in term of performance due to fragmentation of data allocation on physical disk.

The junk files that been created and stored in Windows during installation and normal usage process include, but not limited to the following list:

  • Temporary files which famous for all those with .tmp or ._mp file extension.
  • Log files, normally with .log file extension, can be installation log, error log, process log and etc.
  • Recovered lost files with .chk extension.
  • Temporary help files with .gid extension.
  • Temporary backup files with .old or .bak extension.
  • Temporary Internet files, or stored copy of webpages, images and media cache for Internet Explorer web browser. The size of all contents within this folder can grow extremely huge up to hundreds of megabytes or even several gigabytes if not clear periodically.

Windows Vista include a Disk Cleanup tool which will help to delete all those unwanted files. However, launching the tool will take age as the program has to analyze various possible files and folders composition to determine what’s can be deleted or removed or compressed and what cannot. And it offers too many options. The Disk Cleanup is for you if you’re patient and willing to wait. But if you simply delete and remove all most common temporary junk files existed in your computer, Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner will perform this task perfectly, with just one click and almost instantly.

Download Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner version 1.1.

Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner is a simple batch script with commands to delete temp files, cookies, temporary Internet files, recent history of files opened and various other temporary files in most common folders when these files are found. The script also remove Windows Updates setup files that are left behind after installing applying the patches. To run it, unpack the zip archive and simply double click the VistaSystemJunkCleaner.bat batch file and let it do its job. However, to delete these Vista updates files, you have run the script with administrator rights, by right click on it and select “Run as Administrator”.

If you have suggestion to add things to remove in the script, feel free to leave a comment in the forum. Note that if you have installed Windows Vista SP1, you can clean off and delete backup RTM files with Vsp1cln.exe File Removal Tool too.