Undecided whether to buy a Windows Vista or Windows XP pre-installed PC computer (if you still have a choice)? Or wanna try out, hand on and feel the user interface of Windows Vista? Microsoft builds TechNet Virtual Labs environment that allows users to test drive its products, and Windows Vista is one of them. Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 are among the products that available for test driving.

During initial launch, the Microsoft Virtual Labs offers Windows Vista Business Test Drive, but it has since changed to Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Enterprise edition for midsize (medium size) businesses.

Run Windows Vista Ultimate Test Drive at www.windowsvistatestdrive.com (no longer available).
Run Windows Vista Enterprise Test Drive at https://switch.atdmt.com/action/FY07_MM_Vista_TestVistaCA (no longer available).

To successfully load the test drive, users must be Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, with JavaScript enabled, and Virtual Server VRMC Advanced ActiveX Control from Microsoft Inc. installed.