Windows XP SP2 TCP Connection Limit (Event ID 4226)

»»»Windows XP SP2 TCP Connection Limit (Event ID 4226)

With the release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft Windows XP, the SP2 has introduced a feature that limit concurrent TCP connection attempts that are possible to 10 per seconds. In Service Pack 1 or without Service Pack, there is no limit on concurrent TCP connection attemps.

This feature is introduced in order to reduce the threat of computer worms spreading too fast without control. With the limit, only a maximum of 10 connection attemps per second are allowed. This may have affects applications, servers and p2p programs that attemp to open many outbound connections at the same time.

To know if you’re hitting concurrent TCP connection attempts limit, use the Event Viewer. Under “System”, look for TCP/IP Warnings saying: “TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts”. It has the Event ID of 4226.

To change or remove the limit imposed on connection attempts in Windows XP SP2, you can use the following program that works on every language of Windows XP:

Event ID 4226 Patcher version 2.23d

You might want to back up the tcpip.sys, although the program has the ability to restore tcpip.sys to original state.

Update: TCP/IP simultaneous connection limit patch for Windows Vista

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  • slip

    It doesen't work with my system, WTF?

  • FYI — AVG scan of the ZIP file containing the Event ID 4226 Patcher version 2.23d is infected with embedded object HackTool.AB

  • Alex

    The File is infected. You loosers!

  • Richard

    The file is not infected. It just does something that a virus/worm might also want to do (to increase its transmission rate). So it is correctly reported as having virus like behaviour.

    Google* "Event ID 4226" and read the comments on David Kaspar's blog (top link for me).

    * Of course I really mean "use a non-specific internet search tool that will not sue you for using their name as a verb". c.f. "Hoover"

  • Hello,

    I used it but it didnt work. My system WinXP Pro SP2 opened in Safe Mode and when I run this file, said "do you want to change limit to 50" I said yes. Restarted system but what is the problem??? Please help me.

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  • AcidGawd

    When I try to do LvlLord's patch I am told that the following files could not be renamed:


    Please rename these files manually.

    How do I do this?

  • nubia

    I'm trying to use the LvlLord’s TCP/IP patcher on my OS which is Windows Vista. When the dos screen comes up, it tells me that there is an error. The error says: Error read file "C:WindowsSystem32DriversTCPIP.SYS" at position 0. Press any key to continue. I can't get to press "Y" as it won't allow me pass the error screen. Any help here? is there one suitable to run on Vista?

  • Rusty

    Lvlord's patcher is crap. It doesn't work. It simply disables the event 4226, doesn't actually remove the limit of 10 half-open connections.

  • lol

    The patch fucked up my PC!

    the firewall intrusions are blocking traffic every seoncd!!

    don't download this crap FILE IT Didn't work

    fuck off biotch

  • Simo

    lol, keep in mind that the patch didn't work on your computer. That doesn't mean it doesn't work.

    I just upgraded my limit from 10 to 50 with that program (It was the EvID4226Patch.exe).

    So thanks for these instructions!

  • Anon

    So instead of fixing the exploits worms use, they simple cripple the system and call it a fix. Fucking microshit retards!

  • Salem

    Loosers! Every body don't download this crap file , it fucked system and doesn't work perfectly . i prefere to doit manually if there is anyway !

  • Jake

    How can I patch the XP x64 bit TCP system?

    the latest "Event ID 4226 Patcher version 2.23d" doesn't work.. 🙁

    Maybe because it's updated with SP2 !?

    Please help..

  • KiNG

    Hey, thanks for posting this tip, i was passing through hell with VUZE AZAREUS, until my mind stroke me the idea of increasing connection, now i can forget about DRIVER_IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

    Funny though it is simple.

    Keep posting dude.

  • KiNG

    Damn it, i still got a BSOD :


    It only happens when azareus vuze runs.

    Help me out.

  • mathuzar

    please help!!!

    How can I configure my dialer to call and receive phone line usig usb external voice modem.

    I don't use internet.

    I use phone line only.

  • Hatterasman

    Does the Event 4226 patch work with XP Pro SP3? I already know that it works with SP2 if it is done correctly.

  • Lucas

    Do not download this piece of shit patch. It did the exact opposite of what it is suppose to, I now get jack shit download speed and uninstalling it doesn't fix it. Now I have to look for a way to fix it.

  • franco


    Il file patch tanto famoso dalla Lvllord è in realtà un TROJAN downloader !!!!!!!!

  • ddon

    you guys are talkin bullshit there no virus in there

  • Moon

    There is no trojan in there and the patch worked like a charm for me. I bought a new pc with windows xp home some weeks ago and utorrent would constantly get tracker timeouts after a short while. Since I used the patch everything works without a problem. Using a firewall, antivirus and processguard, I would definately have noticed any trojan it would have contained.

  • JCK

    Virus! believe me or not is up to u!

  • JCK

    I suggest those claiming virus undetected should change their antivirus system.

  • i uzed dat patch in my data server which installed "windows xp professional service pack 2). it seekz work find coz all the detaila which it should show it showz , but damn tcp/ip 10 user limit never changed , i user default 10 to 50 user mathod and also custom userz like 20/30/xxx . but no , it doesn't work. can any body help me out, i alsoo try to run it in safemode, but no damn naver workz :(, person really will b appreciated if he found the solution for me, plz , thx in advance

  • i uzed dat patch in my data server which installed “windows xp professional service pack 2). it seemz work fine coz all the detail which it should show ,it showz , but damn tcp/ip 10 user limit never changed , i user default 10 to 50 user mathod and also custom userz like 20/30/xxx . but no , it doesn’t work. can any body help me out, i alsoo try to run it in safemode, but no damn naver workz :(, person really will b appreciated if he found the solution for me, plz , thx in advance

  • Javier

    The file is Spyware!!!!!!!!!

    Don´t Install run or decompress it in your computer!!!!!!!!!!

    I repeat, it´´s spyware!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Listen up, morons, numbskulls, fuckwits, and retards: The reason your malware detection system sees the file as a trojan is because it acts exactly like what they're trained to look for. It's called heuristics. That file makes a change to a system file that is not "supposed" to be changed. Much like a trojan that edits some nearly random key's value. There are some other similarities, but the point is, it is not malware. It's not a trojan, it's not a virus (learn the difference before you spout your stupid bullshit here and everywhere else, please?), it's perfectly clean. It's linked from, for Christ's sake.

    And ali, I would help you, but I don't feel chavs ought to be on the internet. Especially poseurs. You put it on your "data server", did you? That'd be your first problem, you installed it on an imaginary computer that you don't have and even if you did you wouldn't want to install it there. Keep it realz, homie g peaceout

    Just die already.

  • Alex

    Lol what a fcking morrons here LOL someone kill me please

  • Zack


  • Paulo Rio de Janeiro


    I`ve just applied and re-applied patch and it's still not overcaming XP SP2 limit.

    Can anyone please give me some help?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Paulo Rio de Janeiro


    What's much weird is (please see post below) is that the number of half connections has been changed after applying the patch. It`s now 50 but still the limit is effective.

    Please, can anyone help me?



  • Waqas

    Guyzz..Relaxx ..jUST Install..Believe me There is Nothing in it.Its Compelety Clean..iT WORKED superbebely for problems at all.I have xp sp2.

  • borhan

    my speed was suddenlly drop to 5 kb than i install it and really it give a sudden boost which take the speed to 15 kb.i never used any software that give the result so efficiently .i dont know would it be same again after boot. but definitly i m goonna use it again and again

  • Andre

    Trojan in the patch, greedy motherf*rs!

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