Windows Vista UltimateMicrosoft has made every effort to convince consumers to purchase the most expensive edition and highest value Windows Vista – Windows Vista Ultimate edition. The ultimate edition of Windows Vista, as its name implied, contains all features and functionality of Windows Vista, plus just announced during CES Ultimate Extras exclusive for Windows Vista Ultimate owners. Microsoft even dedicates a new website for Windows Vista Ultimate at (no longer available).

Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Ultimate exclusive website is updated by the people who make Windows Vista Ultimate and Ultimate Extras, and they intends to use the website and blog to announce, discuss and comment on what they’re doing. is also the main site for the Ultimate Extras, where announcements are made and information on its components is posted. There is also information on state-of-the-art hardware for Windows Vista Ultimate on the Hardware page, beside links to other websites that help you personalize your Windows Ultimate experience. Currently, there is also a poll on which Ultimate Extra are you most excited about, with the expected answer of Windows DreamScene.

Readers and visitors can subscribe to WindowsVistaUltimate RSS feed, or visit the Windows Ultimate website (link dead).