PHM Registry Editor is a free registry editor for Windows Mobile based portable mobile devices, previously known as Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone (PPC Phone) or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). PHM Registry Editor has not been updated since version 0.70 on year 2002, but lack-of-upgrade does not affect its feature complete functionality. However, users will fail to install PHM Registry Editor by using the desktop installer via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) to the WM devices.

When trying to install PHP Registry Editor to Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) devices and Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) using Desktop Installer (PHMRegEdit.msi) which install via Microsoft ActiveSync or WMDC, the installation will appear to be successful, but in actual the PHM Registry Editor fails to install properly and users won’t be able to locate PHM Registry Editor application software installed on your PDA after installation. PHM Registry Editor is installed properly at desktop computer at C:\Program Files\PHM\PHM Registry Editor folder. Beside, the PHM Registry Editor is not listed as one of the program available for install or already installed on the mobile device.

The workaround is to download the appropriate CAB for your device CPU type from the Download Center (resource no longer available).

If you’re using Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6 (WM5 or WM6), select the Pocket PC 2000,2003 (ARM/PXA) option and download the regedit.Mrln_ARM CAB file. If you have installed the Desktop Installer version, you can grab the CAB file from the installed folder in “Program Files” too. Then copy the regedit.Mrln_ARM.CAB file to the PPC/Windows Mobile device via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center or Windows Explorer, and put the CAB file at anywhere including storage card. Launch File Explorer, and click on the CAB file with stylus, and then follow the instruction on screen to install the FHM Registry Editor. Note that you should answer Yes to security warning, and you can install it on either device itself or on memory card. After installed, users can access and run PHM Registry Editor from Start -> Programs.