Take a look at the sentence below. Do you understand what the quote means? Or can you remember the full sentence itself? If you can’t, you’re not the only one. It’s the longest ever game title in the world as of now.

Simple DS Series Vol.14 The Jidousha Kyoushuujo DS – Gendoukitsuki Jidousha, Futsuu Jidou Nirin, Oogata Jidou Nirin, Futsuu Jidousha, Fusuu Jidousha Nishuu, Chuugata Jidousha, Oogata Jidousha, Oogata Jidousha Nishuu, Oogata Tokuchuu Jidousha, Kenbiki

Simple DS Series Vol.14: The Vehicle Learning DS

Simple DS Series Vol. 14 is a low price console games for Nintendo DS gaming console from D3 Publisher. The game is based on simulation of learning vehicle driving in driving school. The title name of the game is so long because the developer puts up all available vehicles and car types selectable in the game into the title. If you know Japanese language, here is the full title of the game in Japanese:

SIMPLE DSシリーズ Vol.14 THE 自動車教習所DS ~原動機付自転車・普通自動二輪・大型自動二輪・普通自動車・普通自動車二種・中型自動車・大型自動車・大型自動車二種・大型特殊自動車・けん引~

You can see that the vehicle available to the player are quite a variety, choices including big or small, auto or manual transmission and normal or special car.

And if you really cannot remember the longest game title, here is a simple translation: Simple DS Series Vol.14: The Vehicle Learning DS.