Blog, or weblog has taken the world by storm, with growing popularity and increasing number of bloggers who post their entries as in journal or diary online, with of course, more and more readers who are interested to read the blog as one of their behavior on Internet. But do you know who is the most popular blogger in the world? Forget about Andrew Sullivan from The Daily Dish, or Markos Moulitsas Zúniga from Daily Kos, or Xeni Jardin from Boing Boing, or self-proclaimed problogger Darren Rowse, you most likely have never heard of the name of the most popular blogger in the world, as she is from China.

Xu Jinglei

According to China Daily, Xu Jinglei, a popular and famous actress, singer cum director in China, is the world’s most popular blogger, and is among the top blogs that garner most incoming backlinks, as tracked by Technorati (stats no longer available) as most linked to blog. With more than 50 million visits since the launch last October, each Xu Jinglei’s blog posting hosted at can easily rack up thousands users’ comments and responses, with tens of thousands of readership.

What’s more astounding is that Xu Jinglei’s is the only blogger on her blog, unlike many other popular blogs that are contributed by group bloggers, which means more than one blogger post the entries. The blog also returns to the weblog’s purest and truest form – that’s as personal online diary that provides commentary or news and information on a particular subject, and in this case, her personal life and thought plus her film and marketing plan.