Writeboard is an online collaborative writing software which enables users to write, share, revise, edit, roll back, compare and save web-based text documents online. With Writeboard, it’s possible create a writeboard (text document, or you can called it Word document) and save it online. Editing is version controlled so it’s possible to revise revert back to old history copy or compare between different version. Been online means writeboards can be easily shared and allows others to collaborate on it, and add comments to the documents.


Top Tech News reviewed Writeboard online text documents service and concluded with rating of 4 out of 5 that if you do not require fancy publishing or bloated word-processing features, Writeboard is a great on-demand find. 37Signals, the company behind Writeboard, offers more feature-filled business programs via on-demand delivery for a subscription service. We found this encouraging because the company might make enough money from these paid services to keep Writeboard going for free. Good points include get to use no-hassle, Web-based writing program which can be accessed from any Internet connection, ability to download saved documents and easy to link partners. While bad points are no spell checker and no text formatting with fonts or points or spacing.

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