X-oom Podcast Studio is a podcasting software for managing, creating and publishing podcasts online. X-oom Podcast Studio suite features Podcast Director that allows podcaster to create, manage, update and publish their own podcasts. Beside, there is Podcast Publisher which offers assistance to submit and enter your podcasts in various podcast directories for others to access, and Podcast Manager for easier subscribing and managing podcasts on the web. Podcast Studio also has Audio Recorder that can record sounds and music from unlimited sources including microphone, line-in, CD player, telephone etc. Podcast Studio also supports video podcasts.

ComputerAct!ve (dead link) reviews X-oom Podcast Studio and concludes with rating of 3 out of 5 that Podcast Studio has the good points of automatic subscriptions to podcasts and includes a good selection of audio editing tools, while the bad points are users still need an FTP server, overall process could be more user friendly and occasional rough edges such as lapses into German. Overall, X-oom Podcast Studio is not for novices, but others will find it a useful and cheap bundle of software for podcast creation.