X-oom PSP Media Suite is the all-in-one entertainment miracle for your Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable which helps users convert and transfer more than 10 different video formats from their PCs to a portable player. X-oom PSP Media Suite has 3 programs i.e. X-OOM Movies on PSP that transfer the movies and videos to PSP, X-OOM Photoshow on PSP that allows creation of photo show and X-OOM Music on PSP that record Internet radio and load onto PSP.

ComputerAct!ve reviewed X-oom PSP Media Suite and concludes with rating of 4 out of 5 that it’s not perfect, but used advisedly, X-oom’s PSP Media Suite can really let PSP owners make the most of their console’s multimedia functions. Good points include adds extra features to your PSP, easy to use, useful USB/power cable included, while bad points are legal grey areas, occasional glitches and additional downloads necessary to enable certain features.

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