XG Viper 2 Computer Case Review by Techgage

»»XG Viper 2 Computer Case Review by Techgage
XG (Extreme Gamer) Viper 2 computer case is made out of aluminum alloy and includes many of flashy LEDs. XG Viper 2 includes 400W Aluminum SLI ready with active PFC and smart fan control PSU, front panel USB 2.0, Firewire & Mic/Headphone ports, front advanced LCD display with time, date, alarm and 3 fan speed indicators plus CPU temperature monitor. Other features include SATA 2.0, 20 + 4 pin connector and PCI express connector, tool-less drive bay, PCI slot, and easy access side panel. The dimension is 540mm x 260mm x 420mm.

XG Viper 2

Techgage reviewed XG Viper2 and concluded that “the Viper 2 is a heavy hitter in some areas and not so much in others. There are couple of issues that I have with this case and the number one being the power supply. XG is trying to become a tier one case supplier and in some regards they are almost there. I would like to see a more powerful power supply if a case that is selling for $150 around the web. I would recommend this case in a heartbeat to anyone that attends a lot of LAN events because this case is so damned light and easy to move around with.

I am giving this case a 7 out of 10 on our scale because the power supply is a bit weak and the airflow is equally as weak. Other than those two issues, this is a solid case for anyone that is on the go and needs to transport their PC for whatever reasons they might need.”


Good looks
Did I mention light?
Brilliant paint job
No rough or sharp edges


Could use some better airflow
PSU labeling needs to be changed
Flimsy in some areas

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