YouTube is a Flickr-like online video service, which provides free video hosting and storage so that users can share it with their friends, family or even to the whole world. In short, YouTube is Flickr for videos.

Basically, start by create a new free account at YouTube. Then you will be able to start uploading your personal videos that you like to share with the world to YouTube digital video repository. Type of video format allowed includes .AVI, .MOV and .MPG formats, which enough to cover most if not all video files generated from digital cameras and mobile phones. The maximum file size of a video is limit to 100 MB though.


Once the video is in YouTube, it may be tagged with keywords to allow other people to find the video through the tags. The video will also be arranged according to related channels.

To share the video, just send the link that points directly to the video’s YouTube page that plays the video to your friends. Beside, YouTube also has embeddable player that allowed videos to be played directly on your web page, without leaving your site. Beside, it’s also possible to displaying a window of your own YouTube videos, or specifically tagged videos on your web page. Or create a link that links to your profile, your videos, or specifically tagged videos on YouTube.

All videos will play back by YouTube Flash Player. And the video cannot be downloaded unless with cheat or hack. But it’s still good for video blog or simply just share your video to the world.