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VMWare Server has been officially released by VMWare as freeware and available for public download. VMWare Server, previously known as VMWare GSX Server is a server virtualization software for Windows and Linux platform that can be installed on any existing server or PC hardware to create and partition a physical server into multiple virtual server machines or virtual computers by sharing and abstracting processor, memory, storage and networking resources.


VMware Server can create, edit, and play virtual machines (VMs), including VMs created by other VMware products. VMWare Server can also open and run virtual machines created by Microsoft Virtual PC. VMware Server is being freely distributed in the hope that users will eventually upgrade to VMware ESX Server or WMWare Infrastructure or purchase add-ons such as VMware VirtualCenter Management which able to centrally provision, monitor and manage VMware Server deployment.

Features of general availability release (GA) of VMWare Server:

  • Runs on any standard x86 hardware
  • Supports 64-bit guest operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Solaris
  • Can be managed by VMware VirtualCenter to efficiently provision, monitor and manage infrastructure from a central management console
  • Supports two-processor Virtual SMP, enabling a single virtual machine to span multiple physical processors
  • Runs on a wider variety of Linux and Windows host and guest operating systems than any server virtualization product on the market
  • Captures entire state of a virtual machine and rolls back at any time with the click of a single button
  • Installs like an application, with quick and easy, wizard-driven installation
  • Quick and easy, wizard-driven virtual machine creation
  • Opens VMware or Microsoft virtual machine format and Symantec LiveState Recovery images with VM Importer
  • Supports Intel Virtualization Technology
  • Protects investment with an easy upgrade path to VMware Infrastructure

Download VMWare Server (VMWare Server has been discontinued). You need a free license key to install VMWare Server.

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