Finally, Gmail users can delete unwanted email with just 1 click from the web interface. Google has just added easy-to-find “Delete” button right on the top (and bottom) of Gmail standard view web interface.

Previously, Gmail ‘hides’ the delete email function by a number of tricks. Firstly, delete was called Move to Trash. And you woudn’t find it easily. Move to Trash function was hiding inside “More Options’ of opened email. To delete an email, read the email, the click More Options, and finally Move to Trash.

Then Gmail adds Move to Trash to list of drop-down functions menu (under the title More Actions…). This enabled users to delete a few emails a one go, but still a bit troublesome, as you need to drop down the list and select Move to Trash. Clicks wrongly and you will go mad.

Until couple of weeks ago, Gmail finally renamed Move to Trash to Delete, although it’s still hidden inside the “More Action…” drop-down menu. But now, the Delete button right on top and bottom of Gmail standard view interface.

Anyway, Gmail only updates it’s standard view interface. The Basic HTML users will still see Move to Trash message, hidden deep inside drop down menu and ‘More Options’ inside the opened email.