When analyzing and checking the DNS hosting records for a registered domain using DNSStuff.com or DNSReport.com for comprehensive information from 56 tests about the particular domain to verify whether the authoritative DNS nameserver or resolver has been set and configured correctly or identify problems or issues, the DNS Report may return the following error message instead of proper response and results:

ERROR: The parent servers say that the domain example.com does not have any NS records (although they may have some other information on that zone). I can not do a DNS report on a hostname (such as mail.example.com) or a domain name that does not have its own zone.

As mentioned in the error message, the service does not support a host name or domain name without its own zone, typically subdomains. If you try to check out DNS information on a sub-domain, which has its DNS entries set in root domain’s zone, for example, subdomain.techjourney.net, you will probably see this rejection message.

However, if you input a valid domain URL, and this stop error still occur, the cause for the problem is probably due to NS records for the name servers that is listed in the SOA (Start of Authority) for the zone (the domain) is not defined in the DNS zone file, or not yet been propagated to public DNS resolvers.

Resolution is to login to your DNS management console or open up the DNS zone file for the particular domain name, and ensure that all NS records are properly defined for nameservers in used in SOA type. If not, add the NS records to the zone.

If you have just update the DNS records, wait for a while for the new value to propagate to other DNS caching servers and be reflected and returned in DNS resolution query. The change may not appear immediately to the DNSReport or DNSStuff testing server.