Videora Converter is one of the best free video converter available in the market from the creators of Videora, a personal video downloading program, which is not free unfortunately. Videora Converter converts and turns regular PC video files such as those in .avi extension encoded by DivX or XviD codec format, .mpeg video, .flv Flash, x264 format, .vob files, downloaded YouTube video clips, movies and DVD’s to proper video format for playback on popular favorite portable devices such as MPEG-4 and H.264 used by 5G iPod, iPhone, TiVo, Apple TV and Xbox 360.

Videora iPod Converter

Each version of Videora Video Converter is tailored specifically to a device, which mean that there are many programs for each different kind of video playback entertainment gadget. So if you’re using many different Portable Media Player (PMP such as iPod) or gaming device (Xbox or PSP), you will have to download and install a few of Videora Video Converters. The inconvenient is a trade-off to ensure that users can use the application in easier and better way and don’t have to worry about incorrect video and audio specifications or settings for video conversion.

Videora iPod Converter can convert videos for any type of iPod that plays video. This includes the new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic in addition to the 5th generation iPod and iPhone. Other devices supported are Apple TV, PSP (Sony PlayStation Portable) Video 9, Microsoft Xbox360, TiVo and PMP for PSP.

All download links and more information on each Videora Video Converters can be found here.