Uninterruptible Power Supply or more commonly known as UPS, is a device which maintains a continuous supply of electric power to the connected equipments such as computers, monitors or modems by supplying power from UPS battery when direct utility power is not available or blackouts, or protects the connected devices against electrical spikes due to, e.g. lightning strike.

ZDNet Asia has published an article to detail a guide on 10 things to look for in uninterruptible power supplies, which can serve as a valuable reference when you want to purchase an UPS. Among others, 10 features on UPS that need to be considered carefully include the following.

  1. Power capacity where an UPS must have the power to support the power load it needs to support.
  2. Outlet capacity where enough number of them is available, including surge-protected outlets.
  3. Electrical protection against power spikes.
  4. Date line protection against electrical spikes.
  5. Bundled software
  6. Warranty conditions.
  7. Alarm capabilities where UPS will alert you whenever certain conditions such as low battery, failed UPS and etc are met.
  8. Online or offline UPS type.
  9. Network manageability.
  10. Visual battery replacement indicator or battery warning light.

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