If you’re browsing this web page now, or using a computer, you will probably heard of or actually using a Microsoft product before, currently or in future. From MS-DOS to Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 to Windows XP and now Windows Vista, plus venture by the company into hardware and gaming console XBox, Microsoft brand name has been known by majority of people most part of their life.

But have you ever wonder what’s the best Microsoft product and worst Microsoft product ever produced and released to the market? Channel9 (dead link) has an interesting thread that discusses and surveys the best and worst Microsoft products. The opinions expressed is diverse to say the least, and everybody has different preferences and favorites. Some may likes, for example, Windows Vista and FrontPage while others dislike them. There’re even people who think best and worst product is all Visual Studio – likes it but hopes that it will do better.

Of course, most of the forum members in channel9.msdn.com used Microsoft products and reflects the tendencies of Microsoft preferences. The best products so far been mentioned including Microsoft Optical Mouse, Visual Studio, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Office 2007, IE4, FrontPage 2003, and XBox, while the worst candidates including Windows Me, Microsoft Bob, FrontPage 2000, Windows 2000, DOS 4.0, Microsoft Content Management Server, Windows Vista, IE7, Expression Web, Virtual PC and Virtual Server. But one thing is for sure, nobody will likely say Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) and Windows Product Activation (WPA) to be the best product from Microsoft, and many may say otherwise.