Pokémon Go fever is currently sweeping the whole world. The augmented reality massively multiplayer is addicting game to many gamers and players who here the gamers and players who play the role of Pokemon Trainers who fan out all over the places to search and capture Pokemon virtual creatures, collect Poke Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Potions and other items from PokeStops, and fight or defend a gym.

While it’s possible to play the Pokemon Go absolutely for free without spending a single cent, the game does sell in-game purchases in to form of PokéCoins bundle. The coins in Pokémon Go can be used to buy many in-game items that greatly help player to advance quickly in levels and experiences, catch more powerful and high CP (Combat Power) Pokémons, achieve more medal awards and etc. For example, Poké Balls, Incenses, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Egg Incubators, or simply to upgrade the bag and Pokémon storage to store and carry more items.

If you’re trying to search for Pokemon Go cheats or Pokémon Go hacks to get free coins, sadly to say there aren’t any that really works. There are a few websites that claim to be Pokémon Coins generator to generate unlimited number of Pokemon Go currency, but unfortunately many of them, or rather all of them, is cheat and scam themselves that won’t get you any PokéCoins, other than frustration, in addition of risk of malware and spam.

But there is a legitimate way to earn and get free PokéCoins which is built into the game. It’s also the one and the only way to earn Poké Coins in Pokemon Go, without cheating or hacking – that’s by assigning a Pokemon to station or defend a Gym to claim Defender bonus.

How to Assign Pokémon to a Gym

There are basically two ways which you can assign your Pokemon to a Gym – by adding Pokemon to a friendly Gym, or control an open Gym after knocking off rival team.

You may get freak out when you see the level and Combat Power of Trainers and pokemons who have taken control of a Gym are incredibly high. But control of Gym in Pokemon Go is not outright win or lose a Gym. Instead, players train at the friendly Gym to increase the Gym’s prestige and level, or battle at the rival Gym to decrease the Gym’s prestige and level. Even though the Pokemon or team of 6 Pokemons that you sent to train or battle in the Gym may not defeat all of the Pokemons stationed at the Gym, but defeat 1 is enough to increase or decrease the prestige of the Gym. The number of prestige is directly corresponding to the level of the Gym. The higher the level, the more Pokémon of the same team that could be assigned to the Gym to defend it. Likewise when the level of the Gym is decreased, where the Pokémon with lowest CP gets booted out from the Gym.

Assign Pokemon to Gym

So, to earn free coins in Pokémon Go, try to occupy at least a Gym and assign a Pokemon to it. You can assign a Pokemon to an open neutral Gym (normally white in color) or add one to a friendly Gym of same team (color) to help defend it. When the prestige of the Gym drops to zero (0), the Gym is turned to open, and fastest finger will get to assign his or her Pokemon to control the Gym. Likewise for the friendly Gym, when a slot is available (prestige increased over the level threshold such as from level 2 to level 3 and so on), additional slot for defender is available for assignment.

You can choose to join a team and visit Gym once you hit level 5.

How to Earn Free PokeCoins (Defender Bonus)

Once you have a Pokemon assigned in a Gym, you can immediately claim the Defender bonus which comes with 10 Poké Coins and 500 StarDust.

To claim the Defender bonus, hit the Poke Ball icon on the bottom center of the screen, then go to SHOP. On the top right corner, tap on the Shield icon, and if you have any Pokemon assigned on Gym, you will be prompted to claim the Defender bonus by tapping on the summary message.

Free Poke Coins

You can claim the Defender bonus with free Pokemon coins and StarDust once you have any Pokemons assigned to the Gym. If the Gym at your area keeps changing hand, you can immediately claim the free coins before been kicked out from the Gym.

Defender bonus is available for up to a maximum of 10 Gyms you currently controlled. That makes it a total of 100 Poke Coins that can be earned for free at one time, if you can manage to control so many Gyms at the same time without been challenged. Once you claim the Defender bonus, you cannot claim the Defender bonus until after 21 hours.

Earning PokéCoins via Defender bonus is not a fast way to accumulate the Pokemon Go currency, but it does offer a free way to get free Poké Coins for people who is unwilling or unable to spend real money to purchase the PokéCoins.