Wirefly is the leading independent retailer of cell phones, mobile phones and cellular service on the Internet, featuring award-winning comparison tools, 100% satisfaction guarantee on any purchase or money back, free FedEx shipping throughout the United States, free return shipping, and offering post-paid and pre-paid wireless services plus free and discounted phones from carriers such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, T-Mobile To Go, Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, Cingular GoPhone, Liberty Wireless, Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Disney Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Amp’d Mobile. Almost all brand of phones in the market can be found at Wirefly, including Amp’d Mobile, Audiovox, Blackberry, Firefly, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Novatel Wireless, Palm, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony Ericsson and UT Starcom.

Wirefly claims to be the number 1 seller of cell Phones and wireless plans in United States. A check with Alexa Traffic Ranking shows that Wirefly’s traffic rank consistently hover as top 10,000 websites, which may prove its claim. WireflyMobile allows users to search by phone brand, carrier or service plan, including family plan.

The best strength of Wirefly is availability of all information you need to make a purchase of handphone and mobile plan in one place with easy of use and simple accessibility. Once you open up Wirefly homepage, you will see great and special deals or promotions on new cell phones from every mobile service providers in US. Beside, to the left, you have a list of top ten free phones, allowing you to select and get a popular free phone instantly. Beside, you can also get the best available prices sorted by price for phone that you interested in by simply entering you ZIP code to verify offer availability.

Even if you’re not planning to shop for a phone, visit Wirefly for resources related to mobile wireless technology may be fruitful. Wirefly has prepared a resource section which features shopping resources such as wireless basics, how to keep your numbers, and device protection, cell phone etiquette and cell phone manuals.

If you’re have ordered a cellphone from Wireless, you will be able to track your order and check your Wirefly rebate status. Other than phone and mobile plan, Wirefly also sells accessories for the cell phone and offers ringtones download.

As usual, Wirefly is only available in US. It’s a great one stop website that offers a glance and comparison on almost every available mobile phone and carriers’ mobile service or wireless plan in US. Price wise, it can go cheaper than a lot of free phones that been giveaway for free.

Note: We received compensation for this review.

Update: Wirefly closed and relaunched in 2014, and is now a cell phone plans and smartphone comparison website.