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Free Download: Microsoft Pro Photo Tools with Geotag Metadata Support

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools provides a set of photography tools for photographers such as to view, add, change, edit and delete common metadata properties for digital photos or pictures, and captures RAW images. It also includes ability [...]

Download Free Videora Video Converter for iPod, iPhone, Android, Apple TV, PSP, XBox, TiVo & PMP

Videora Converter is one of the best free video converter available in the market from the creators of Videora, a personal video downloading program, which is not free unfortunately. Videora Converter converts and turns regular PC video [...]

Any Video Converter Free Download to Convert for iOS & Android & DVD

There are tens, if not hundreds of video media formats existed nowadays. To make matter worse, each and every portable playback devices or players from different manufacturers support different unique media formats and codecs. Even on Windows [...]

‘Interesting’ Transparency Effect on Windows Vista WMP11 Window

In Windows Vista with Windows Aero Transparency Glass effect enabled, the built-in Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) has an interesting visual effect. The trick will make the whole window of WMP becomes transparent in a incredible coloring, [...]