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How to Test QuickTime Player and Browser Plugin

After installing Apple QuickTime, it's essential to test the QuickTime installation to verify and ensure that the QuickTime is installed properly and worked as desired. Testing allows you to playback any streaming video or HD (high definition) [...]

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QuickTime (QT) Lite – Alternative to Play Streaming Quicktime HD Movie & Video Contents

QuickTime Lite is packaged by developer for Vista Codec Package (VCP) codec pack to provide full web browser support for viewing and downloading streaming media files including High Definition (HD) contents in QuickTime format. If you don't [...]

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Download and Install iTunes without QuickTime

iTunes is a popular digital media player application from Apple. If you own an iPod or iPhone, you will be very familiar with iTunes as it's the official software interface for the Apple portable devices to connect [...]

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Solution to QuickTime High CPU Usage in Windows Vista

If you want to watch some high definition movie trailers at Apple website or download films or movies with .mov file extension in a Windows Vista system, QuickTime Player is required in order to play or view [...]

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