With the popularity of Apple iPod around the world, it’s no surprise that iTunes, the digital jukebox and music download store for iPod has made inroads to a lot of computers of iPod users. So it’s no surprise that Apple trying to make iTunes as the iconic software for multimedia, just like its iPod player.


So now Apple bundles iTunes with QuickTime. When you download QuickTime player, you download also iTunes. If you prefer another digital jukebox music player, you end up install software that you don’t need.

QuickTime is Apple’s multimedia technology, capable of handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music, immersive panoramic (and sphere panoramic) images and even 360-degree virtual reality (VR) scenes. So somebody might just want QuickTime player to play audio and video in QuickTime format.

Luckily, Apple still provides a standalone QuickTime Player for download. This is, of course, without iTunes. Download it here.

Note: The web page no longer valid as Apple has a change of heart. Quick time is no longer packaged together with iTunes. Now you can simply download for Windows from Quicktime download page itself.