Democracy Player (DTV) is a free desktop application for watching Internet TV from Participatory Culture Foundation that based on P2P torrent client technology, and integrates an RSS aggregator, a BitTorrent client, and VLC media player. It’s a P2P IPTV that download the video media not only from the single source, but also from other Democracy Player users who are watching the same video.

Democracy Player

Democracy has a channel guide that allows users to search for their favorite online channels or browser channels available based on topics. The channels are mainly users created videos or those video or TV streams that avaiable on the Internet. That said, you can easily share and broadcast your video contents with Democracy.

Technology Evangelist tested and reviewed Democracy Player and concluded that “this player is truly revolutionary if you’re willing to take the plunge. I’m loving every minute of this app. This is the future of media. No longer do I have to sit in front of my TV and watch shows when the networks tell me to. Tivo helped fix that, but Tivo was just a stop gap until something like Democracy came along. Democracy is the real deal. Open content — What we want when we want it.”

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