Windows 10 introduces search box or search icon (also known as search panel or search button) that appeared prominently on the Taskbar, despite the fact that users can always click on the returned Start button and start typing to initiate the search right away.

Search Box Panel in Windows Taskbar
Search Box or Search Panel on Windows Taskbar

Search Button Icon on Windows Taskbar
Search Icon or Search Button on Windows Taskbar

To declutter and reclaim the precious space on the Windows Taskbar for other more important app icons and buttons, Windows 10 has built in a very simple way to enable or disable the Search Icon and/or Search Box on the Taskbar.

  1. Right click on the Windows Taskbar.
  2. Tap or hover to Search.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Disable – Remove Search button display on the Taskbar completely
    • Show search icon – Show a Search icon on the Taskbar that when clicked will bring up the Search bar.
    • Show search box – Display the large search box on the Taskbar which you can type directly into.

    Search Box Taskbar Modes

The show or no-show of search box and search button on Taskbar is controlled by the 32-bit DWORD registry value named SearchboxTaskbarMode in the following registry key:


The possible values corresponding to the options above are:

  • Disable: 0
  • Show search icon: 1
  • Show search box: 2

In early builds during development of Windows 10, the “EnableProactive” registry value was used. Note that if you moidy the registry to make the change, you will need to restart the computer, log off and back on, or restart the Explorer process for the change to take effect.