When synchronizing SplashID password manager wallet between SplashID desktop and Windows Mobile Pocket PC device with RAPI sync via a Sync menu, a dialog box may appear with the following error message, and the sync fails:

Device Policies Deny RAPI Operations

The RAPI Sync supposedly more reliable than Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync) Active Sync, so the synchronization failure on RAPI operation is probably caused by human error.

The one and the foremost cause is SplashID has not yet been installed into Windows Mobile PPC or PPC Phone device. Check and ensure that SplashID is actually already installed and existed on the Windows Mobile (WM) Start Menu -> Programs list and available also in the “Remove Programs” list. Sometimes, WMDC doesn’t actually install the program over to the mobile device when the connection has been disconnected.

If SplashID has been installed correctly, ensure that both SplashID Desktop and SplashID Windows Mobile has the same password, and has been activated with valid registration code, or enter the Trial version mode. SplashID requires both desktop and remote versions of wallets to have same password in order to sync successfully. If the password is different, the synchronization may fail.

When all conditions above is fulfilled, the SplashID should be able to sync successfully.