Pure Digital Pure Move DAB Digital and FM Radio Reviews

Pure Move is a stylish, palm-sized DAB digital and FM radio which ideal for listening on the go, introduced by Pure Digital, an UK’s leading portable radio manufacturer. Pure Move features include textSCAN for pausing and controlling [...]

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Microsoft Monticello, Madison and Manhattan Ladies Computer Tote

Ladies, cannot find an attractive yet classic business class computer tote bag? Now you have more choice and range of laptop carrying bag to choose from, with the new offerings from Microsoft, distributed via electronic retail and [...]

Nike + iPod Sport Kit for iPod nano Reviews and Guides

Nike + iPod Sport Kit (or Nike plus iPod Sport Kit) is an electronic gear that transforms your iPod nano into a personal workout coach or companion which provides real-time, spoken feedback that alerts you to workout [...]

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Google Switch Mobile Phone or GPhone from Samsung Preview

After all the buzz around Apple iPhone, news have leaked further information, and pictures and photos of Google Switch smartphone from Samsung which is said to be one of the rumored and highly anticipated GPhone or Googlephone. [...]

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Attack with USB Missile Launcher On Your Desktop

Fancy able to control a missile launcher used in military and army? What's more when you can actually launch the "foam" missiles to attack and hit at your "enemy", or may be just to distract your friends? [...]

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Sync My Ride by Voice Control Bluetooth and USB Devices on Year 2008 Model Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Usage Demo Video Clips

Ford has teamed up with Microsoft Auto division to develop and offer Sync technology on 12 2008 model year Ford, Lincoln and Mercury beginning Fall 2007. Sync software platform is a in-car voice-activated or hands-free phone communications [...]

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Sync Hands-Free Voice Activated In Car Phone and Entertainment System Reviews

Sync is a factory-installed in-car hands-free voice activated mobile phone communications and entertainment system that will be equipped optionally in all Ford cars including Ford Edge, Five Hundred, Freestyle, Sport-Trac, Explorer, Focus, Fusion, Mercury Milan, Mountaineer, Montego, [...]

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Review: and Free Mobile Cell Phones

Wirefly is the leading independent retailer of cell phones, mobile phones and cellular service on the Internet, featuring award-winning comparison tools, 100% satisfaction guarantee on any purchase or money back, free FedEx shipping throughout the United States, [...]

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Enable Copy and Transfer of Data with Zune to Use as Portable Hard Disk

Similar to Apple iPod where trick is required to transfer music and files, Zune restricts or limits user ability to copy, transfer, upload or download of files, especially songs, musics, MP3s and videos between Zune and computer [...]

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