How to Get & List All Current DNS Records for a Domain & Child Subdomain

If you need to move the DNS hosting of a domain to a new DNS hosting service provider, [...]

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Edit Robots.txt Virtually in WordPress (No Physical File or Plugin)

When no robots.txt file is added to the root of the WordPress website, WordPress will dynamically creates a [...]

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Skype Icon Missing from Notification Area (System Tray) for Windows 10 UWP Store App

After installing Skype for Windows 10 UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app from Windows Store, the Skype icon that [...]

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Recover & Reset Google Apps / G Suite Admin Account Password via Domain Verification

The super admin of G Suite (previously known as Google Apps) is the most important user account for [...]

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Fully Uninstall & Remove qTranslate-X with Database Cleanup of Unwanted Language Translations

qTranslate-X is the plugin that succeeds popular qTranslate multilingual plugin for WordPress which was abandoned by its author. [...]

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